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Talk to our trusted team of HR Professionals at Corporate HR Ireland today to find an HR Outsourcing solution for your business.

We’ll support you with a package of HR solutions that fits your business, whatever the size or stage of growth.

Whether you require ongoing remote support, in-person support, or have a one-off project you need professionally managed, we’ll craft a solution to best suit your needs. Our most commonly availed services are listed here, but we can tailor an offering to match your requirements.

Remote Day-to-day HR Support

A very popular offering among our small business clients –  we partner with your HR function on a remote basis.

For a fixed monthly fee, you will have access by telephone/virtually to an HR professional who will take care of all your day-to-day HR needs and provide ad-hoc advice when necessary.


Elevated HR Support

A more comprehensive and higher level of support for growing or larger businesses – this includes a hybrid of remote day-to-day support in addition to more advanced support from a dedicated HR Professional. 

This HR expert will partner with your HR function and advice on any HR issue arising from the normal employment of your employees.


Individual Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of HR solutions for Irish Employers all over the country. We have a highly expert team of HR Professionals at your disposal with vast experience in areas such as Third Party Representation and Work Place Investigations.


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“Small business owners often risk their life savings to start a business. The business is their retirement account. The wellness of their employees and their families keep the owner up at night when times are tough. Protecting profits, sleeping at night, that’s what CHRI provides the Irish business owner.”

Bill Shulman, Chair of the Advisory Board, Corporate HR Ireland