We offer a comprehensive suite of HR solutions for Irish Employers all over the country.

We have a highly expert team of HR Professionals at your disposal with vast experience in areas such as Third Party Representation and Work Place Investigations.

If you need support in any of the following areas, we would be delighted to arrange a consultation with you and see how we can be of help. We offer practical, down to earth and hands-on support when you need it most.


Third Party Representation

We have highly experienced HR Professionals available to work with you in the WRC, Labour Court and Tribunals. This can be a very difficult and stressful time for business owners and we will ensure you are prepared, supported and assisted throughout this process.  We can also support in a mediation process.

Work Place Investigations

We can provide you with a service for Full Investigations, consultations or appeals.

Whether it’s a disciplinary issue or a grievance, we will endeavour to conduct the investigation process on your behalf and support you in bringing this to a satisfactory conclusion. Work place investigations can be overwhelming for all involved. We’re here to help simplify that process and bring you through it with minimal disruption.

Project Work

Whether it’s to prepare a new Employee handbook, advise regarding policies & procedures, devising an induction program, or to give advice in relation a serious employee issue, we can provide a full range of HR supports. Depending on the nature of the project we will quote a fixed price or agree on an hourly fee.

Strategic HRD

Strategic HR advice and support from our experienced senior HR professionals & board-level team.

Training and Mentoring

Our experienced team can provide you will a full range of HR training such as interview skills training, dealing with work place investigations, managing performance, how to conduct appraisals and much more.

We also offer a mentoring programme for individual employees to help them reach their full potential.

Succession Planning

A key aspect of HR management is ensuring you have the right people to safeguard the future of your company. We will help you map out career development plans for your team to include implementing management development programmes and personal development plans. We will work with you on goal setting, not only for the HR function but also for individual team members.

Redundancy Programmes

Should you wish to reduce or restructure your workforce, we will provide all the guidance and support you need to implement a successful redundancy programme.

Tailored Support

We are subject matter experts in HR. Perhaps you need assistance with HR Metrics and Reporting, or with your HR Forum. If you need our help on any matter, reach out.  We can craft a solution to meet your needs, no matter how big or small. We believe all questions are valid and need to be answered.

Management Development

We work with many client companies to help with the development of their management team. Specifically, those with HR and People Management responsibilities. Our experienced team can develop a program to best suit your business needs.

Psychometric Assessment & Personality Profiling

Many employers find psychometric assessment an invaluable part recruitment process.  There is robust evidence that scores on cognitive ability tests are a very good predictor of future performance as they assess an individual’s innate ability in areas such as verbal, abstract, and numeric ability.  Unlike interviews which can be subjective psychometric assessments are an objective measure of performance and so are accepted as a fair and accurate way of assessing candidates. Personality profiling are not tests in the traditional sense but provide an indication of people’s work preferences and personality type. These can be invaluable in team-building exercises and identifying areas for CPD.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching used effectively is a powerful developmental tool and can help them become more effective leaders. A coach will help remove the obstacles that stand in the way of attaining goals.

Dispute Resolution

Let us help you with any disputes or conflicts that may arise within your organisation. Be that through mediation, negotiation or other trusted methods, we will be with you every step of the way.

Team Dynamic Assessment

Using 360-degree feedback tools, this multi-rate feedback mechanism provides team members with feedback on specific competencies relevant to your workplace. Helps to build awareness of team context, apply psychological flexibility to individuals and team activities, and aids personal development plans

Performance Management

Are your team outputs in line with organisational goals? How do you measure performance? Let us help you focus on the key deliverables needed.

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